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Rolls-Royce Phantom 5 Conversion (Not as shown in picture.)


Passenger capacity rating; 4*

THE EXECUTIVE 2008 body style in elegant black, is perfect for any occasion. Our L-Series Town Cars gives you much more leg room than regular Town Cars. Great for executives or anyone who doesn't need a limousine but wants to be driven in chauffeured comfort. Our Black Lincoln Town cars with black interiors features rear doors that are 6" longer and those rear doors open wider than standard Lincoln doors for easy access. The back seat passengers can change the radio, climate control and can move the seat in front of them forward for more leg room, from their own rear console.


Passenger capacity rating; 6*

THE KRYSTAL in elegant black on black, is perfect for any occasion.. Rated at 6 passenger capacity, the Krystal features a 1000 watt sound system with 300 watt powered sub woofer, DVD player, Color monitor, neon interior accent lights, fiber optics, elegant hard wood bar area with refreshment coolers, Champaign well and sun roof. The Krystal is a winner by any measure.


Passenger capacity rating; 10*

THE PARIS A larger black on black elegant limousine that’s perfect for any occasion. Rated at 10 passenger capacity, The Paris features a 1000 watt sound system with 300 Watt powered sub woofer, elegant understated interior with translucent Champaign glass Carousel bar with refreshment coolers and Champaign wells. Similar to the Krystal, but longer with more capacity.


Passenger capacity rating; 14*

THE SUPERIOR 14 passenger rated limousine is white with a white vinyl top. This high capacity Lincoln Limousine is rated at 14 passengers and features a fiber optic mirrored ceiling with neon effect fiber optic lighting, Bar with large refreshment coolers, Champaign wells, High performance sound system with twin High Definition LCD Monitors and DVD system. Video games and more. Elegance and the high passenger capacity of an SUV limousine at a more cost effective rental rate. You won't find a longer or nicer Lincoln limousine in the area…it’s impressively long, beautiful and carries lots of people.

Rolls-Royce Phantom 5 Conversion

Passenger capacity rating: 10

For those of you who seek the ultimate old-world European luxury look, with the roomiest, most intimate, and comfortable layout ever designed. This one-of-a-kind, custom, 120" Super-stretch limo embodies the look and feel of what drives those who crave the finer things in life.

If we didn't tell you otherwise, you would think we have just acquired the world's first $350,000 Rolls-Royce Phantom 5 stretched limousine. While this is not a Rolls-Royce, the Renage's stately design is indeed very special and expensive to create. The Renage sports pearl white paint & two-tone blue leather seats with Gray piping. This ‘fifth door” limo (yes it really has an extra-wide, additional door for easy passenger access) also has suicide opening rear doors. Talk about rare and unique, we do not know of the presence of any other limo like this Renage. It also features dual rear air conditioning, custom LED lighted bar, custom 18" wheels, and a killer stereo system (including a DVD player with flat screen LCD monitors). We are thrilled to offer you the country's most classically styled ultra-luxurious modern limo, whose rolling work of art puts it in a league all by itself ... and yes, like the rest of our limousine fleet, the Renage is affordable.

If what you want is the ultimate modern (and affordable) limousine... then your quest is over. Book early on this one, since there's only one to go around. We believe it is the only Rolls Conversion Limousine in the Tri-State area, including the entire state of Indiana.


EXCURSION 200 is one of the longest limousines in the area, stretched 200", Our EXCURSION 200, is the latest body style Excursion SUV limousine available. It is white with a white Mohawk vinyl top and features: Twin High definition flat panel LCD TV monitors with DVD player, Fiber optic mirrored ceiling with neon effect lighting, refreshment bar with extra large coolers and Champaign wells. Perfect for weddings or any event or trip that requires high passenger capacity or if you simply want to ride in the longest limousine in the Tri-State area, the Excursion 200 is your ticket.


Passenger capacity rating; 14*

HUMMER 14 Ultimate SUV Limousine. This 2006 body style HUMMMER is the real deal. Rated at 14 passengers, it is black with a black vinyl roof. The HUMMER 14 features the best sound system we have ever heard in a limousine. It packs a whopping 5,000 watts and features twin 18" subwoofers. Definitely bring your favorite CD's. Twin High definition flat panel LCD Television monitors with VCR and DVD players, Video Games, fiber optic mirrored ceiling, neon effect lighting, Bar with refreshment Coolers and Champaign wells make this the perfect limousine for any occasion. Inclement weather will not slow this limousine has 4-wheel drive and can go through just about any amount of snow. Hey, it's a Hummer limousine, need we say more.


Passenger capacity rating; 24 *

TUXEDO HUMMER The highest true capacity* HUMMER limousine in the area. This 2006 body style Hummer limousine is called a TUXEDO HUMMER due to the White body with Black top. This extra long 2005 body style HUMMER. is the real deal in a longer, higher passenger capacity version. The TUXEDO HUMMER features a 5,000 Watt high performance sound system with Six Sub Woofers, twin flat panel TV monitors with DVD player, Video games, fiber optic mirrored starlight ceiling with neon effect lighting, Bar with refreshment coolers and Champaign wells. Inclement weather will not slow this limousine down…it has 4-wheel drive and can go through just about any amount of snow. Hey, it’s a Hummer limousine, what more can we say…other than it is an extremely large Hummer limousine, possibly the biggest and badest in the Tri-State area! This large capacity limousine and other high passenger capacity limousines listed on this site are only available through CLUB CAR LIMOUSINE simply go to


This 2007 body LIMOUSINE COACH is the ultimate party limousine and one of the highest passenger capacity limousine in the area. Our clients tell us it is like a private night club on wheels. You can stand up in this limousine, some people actually dance… and that is before they pop the cork on the Champaign bottle. The LIMO COACH features a stand-up wet bar area, perimeter leather seating, two flat screen TV’s, DVD, VCR, Video Games, High performance CD sound system with 12” powered sub woofer, hardwood floor, infinity accent lighting and karaoke. Yep, you can even sing on this high passenger capacity limousine. The LIMOUSINE COACH is only available through CLUB CAR LIMOUSINE at While some limousines were designed to arrive in and/or to be seen in, this limousine is designed to be one of the very best to party in.


Some of our clients prefer the spaciousness of a Classic Lincoln Limousine. Our Classic Ultra-Super-Stretch-plus 14 passenger rated limousine, features approximately 15% more leg and head room than our current models. The exterior is classic, the interior has the luxury features high tech look and feel you would expect in a fine limousine, including High Definition Flat Screen TV monitors, 2000 Watt high performance Sound system with Powered Sub Woofers, fiber optic star gazer mirrored ceiling, neon effect fiber optic lighting, large hard wood bars and more. When you rent one of our classic limousines, you get more room and a lower cost.

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